What is the Requirement
In order be become a member of VIP own domain store, the following criteria must be met:
Top 12 Reasons to Open a VIP Domian Store
  1. You must have an existing account with ArtsNow.com.

  2. You must register your own domain name for VIP domain store use. If you don't have one, we recommended you to register a new domain here ActNowDomain.Net, it is about $10 per year if you buy 2 years. We have worked with ActNowDomain.Net for more than 5 years without any problem.

  3. You must have an active Paypal account. If you don't have one, you can go to PayPal.com to create a paypal account easily. All store profits will be sent to you by Paypal payment, which is instant and fast payment services.

  4. ActNowDomain.net will set up the name server for you automatically. However you can still register your domain with a third party domain host company. Please change the DNS (Domain Name Servers) records as below:

  5. You must keep the VIP domain store login and password secure for your own use only.