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Higher Dimensions : : Mystical Geometry

This beautiful designs are based on a famous Crop Circles, which represent coded messages from outer space/higher realms.
Crop circles are one of the most profound and mysterious phenomena of the modern age. They have had a powerful effect on thousands of people who have witnessed and studied them through the years.

Irrespective of origin, crop circles have acted as a catalyst to spirituality as we strive to understand the meaning and purpose behind the genuine crop circles. It has been said that these crop formations contain great wisdom, and perhaps are encoded and hold keys to the time of ascension that is fast approaching.
Even to the most casual observer, the crop formations are eye-catching and lovely. To mathematicians they represent the presence of an original and profoundly deep intelligence. To an ever-expanding community of spiritual seekers they symbolize that our planet is reaching a decisive stage of evolution. Perhaps as well, they indicate contact with kindred earth energies, spirits, or devas - or kindred extraterrestrial beings - whose communications are emerging at this time to assist us through this critical point in our planet's and our species' history.

This designs emanate positive energies and are beneficial to our wellbeing. They also change the molecular structure of tap water, so it becomes a living water again. You can energize foods and drinks by using our printed cups and plates, or placing our waterproof stickers on food and water containers.

Increase Energy!
Many people find that sacred geometry art and patterns increase vibrations, open their minds, and enhance inspiration and creative flow.

Many of those design's names represent a coded message.

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