SuperVIP Features
  1. Your SuperVIP store can create unlimited designs of products. Buyers of your SuperVIP stores, will not be redirected to, because all sales will be done on your own domain, they will stay in your SuperVIP store and purchase from your marketplace.

  2. With monthly fees $99.95 per month, you can own a SuperVIP store, you can compete directly with those large companies like, and, it is 100% totally your own online dream business.
  3. You can get your own Premium/VIP domain store and Drop Ship programs. And charge monthly subscription fees. The default subscription fees will be shared, 50% for and 50% for SuperVIP. You can raise the base subscription fees yourself.

  4. Customizable shipping fees (We charge $0.00, but SuperVIP store owners can do markup, shipping fees markup will be split with us evenly.)

  5. SuperVIP base prices can be markup (average $5.00 lower than other large companies.)

  6. Make Your Own Design feature is available, which means your store visitors can upload their own images in your website and make their own products and purchase. The make your own design base prices can also be markup. Keep in mind, everything is done in your own SuperVIP stores.

  7. Coupon code manager: You can set your own SuperVIP coupon codes, like "Save $5 off $20 purchases", or "Free shipping service" to promote your SuperVIP domain stores, which is a must when you are promoting your domain stores.

  8. Over 50 store templates will be available for you to choose from, it can be less duplicated store templates, choose your favourite store templates yourself.

  9. You can add your own custom pages, to fit your needs, like Contact Us or About Us pages.

  10. You can get your own custom logo, header and footer in the invoices enclosed with the shipments to your buyers, you can put your SuperVIP store coupon codes or custom message on the invoices, in order to attract them to re-order from your website.

  11. Real-time Reporting Center - User Manager, Order Manager and Profit Report

  12. Paypal Payments - All your SuperVIP store profits will be sent to you by Paypal payment, once your profits reach the certain amount you set, PayPal is the world's trusted way to pay and get paid online. If your profits or Cash Dollar reach the certain amount you set, we will send out your profits on every 1st and 16th of each month. If the payday is holiday, it will be extended to the next business day.

  13. There are no extra fees get the words "This shop is Powered by" removed, your SuperVIP stores can be 100% individual from (which means that is 100% hidden), visitors and customers of your SuperVIP stores will never know that you are powered by

  14. For each SuperVIP, will get a free forum, like , the best way to communicate with your customers, it can also be used as general trouble shooting. You can add any forum / topic as you like. Take advantage of the forum to attract more visitors to your SuperVIP store. You can customize the looking of forum later, to fit with your SuperVIP store template.

  15. For all of those free / premium store owners under your SuperVIP, like , they will bring great visitors to your stores. If you can get enough free / premium store owners to join your SuperVIP store