Frequently Asked Questions
1. How much does SuperVIP cost?
# Price
1 $99.95 USD for each month
2 $249.95 USD for each 3 months
3 $549.95 USD for each 6 months
4 $999.95 USD for each 12 months
2. How long does it take to set a SuperVIP store?
If your SuperVIP domain got ready in advance, and changed the Domain Name Server to NS1.VIP-STORES.COM, NS2.VIP-STORES.COM already, you can get your SuperVIP store setup right now, once you subscribed the SuperVIP program.
3. Is SuperVIP same as
Yes. All SuperVIPs will get most features / functions like, except the SuperVIP program, SuperVIP can't sell SuperVIP program. SuperVIP will have Basic Free Store, Premium Store, VIP Domain Store, and Drop Shipping Reseller Program,
4. How can I make money by SuperVIP?
SuperVIP can charge monthly fees for Premium, VIP Domain Store and Drop Shipping Reseller Program, we charge base month fees for Premium, VIP and Drop Shipping Program, at $2.45, $4.95, $9.95 per month. SuperVIP will charge at least $4.95, $9.95, $19.95 per month for them, which means, if you can get 10 Resellers, you will earn ($19.95 - $9.95) x 10 = $100.00 per month, it will cover the monthly fees you paid to
SuperVIP can also set and markup the base prices of Basic Free Store, Premium, VIP Domain Store and Reseller, to make much more profits.
The more sales or subscriptions SuperVIP can get, the more profits it will be.