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Custom Stainless Steel Soup Spoon With Wooden Handle

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Take your dining experience to new heights with our stainless steel soup spoon, accentuated by a graceful wooden handle. Expertly fashioned from top-quality stainless steel and engineered with a cozy wooden grip, this spoon seamlessly combines sophistication and sturdiness for everyday utility. Infuse it with a personal touch by customizing it with your family name or a heartfelt message, turning it into a cherished dining essential. Whether it's for family gatherings, formal dinners, or everyday culinary endeavors, this customizable soup spoon effortlessly integrates into any kitchen arrangement, marrying functionality with enduring charm.

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  • Food-grade 304 stainless steel
  • Handle made from walnut wood
  • Weight around 55g
  • Wood grain will vary and will not look identical.

Ideal image size in pixels (W * H) :
Spoon(Center) : 1057 x 120 or Higher
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