Bulk Order Refund Discount

There will be about 3% - 5% will get shipments problems, because of broken during shipment, wrong items sent, items not as described, wrong shipping/undeliverable address, dishonest claims, lost by post office. For these cases, your buyers will choose to get Full Refund or Re-Shipment.

If your buyers request full refund, just refund it, and "block" his/her eBay ID, no more business with these buyers.

If your buyers request re-shipment (remember to double confirm the shipping addresses first), go to ArtsNow.com and place the re-shipment order again, as new orders. After re-shipment, if the buyers still claimed no shipment arrival, the only thing you can do is to "refund" this buyer, and block his/her eBay ID, this buyer will be regarded as "dishonest buyer".

If it is more than 5% problems occurred, you need to do better control on that. We can only cover 5% for you. After several months running, you can think about that, see if you got enough profit or not, see if it is worth to use our drop shipping services or not.

Each time when you are placing bulk order, we will arrange 5% refund for you at once. This refund will cover all above possible problems occured.